It is a good thing that there are available printable place cards, which I can choose to download for free or with a minimal fee. As much as I want to get the project done on my own and without paying anything, I am not that adept in editing, so I will just leave the task to the right provider of the service, so that all I have to do is print these out.


Personalized Printable Place Cards

I was looking for invitations maker when I saw some samples of these cards. I suddenly had a light-bulb moment. I’ll be part of the organizers of my high school’s reunion, and I was delegated to be on the design and decorations committee. I am not sure what made my former classmates decide on that, since I don’t have any talents in the arts, and I can’t even figure out how to draw a decent sun. Well, they probably thought that this will not require me to draw an apple or a sun, and besides, almost everything nowadays can be accomplished online. This may be their way of telling me to shoulder the expenses for these cards as well as the invites.

View four of our free printable place card templates below.

simple place card template
Download simple & classy place card template
Watercolor place card template
Download yellow water color place card template
blue water color place card
Download blue water color place card template
Cardinal place card
Download cardinal place card template

Looking At My Options

In my search, I have learned that there are good providers of this kind of service, which can be found online. I can choose to get the design, which I can print at home using specialty board or paper that I can buy from any office and school supplies shop. I can also get not only the design, but also the card stocks where I could print the texts and images, following the manual that will be given by the same provider.

With so many choices, I can’t help but feel excited to host another event. Maybe I’ll ask my mother to have a big party on her 60th birthday. She never had a lavish party in her lifetime, so this might be the right time to do it. I’ll show her what we can do with her decors, including of course, my favorite cards, in hopes that she will share my excitement.

My Artistic Side

Printable Place CardsI may not know how to tweak a picture to make it look prettier or new, but I surely know what I would want to see if I will commission someone to do it for me. This is the same with the cards. My knowledge in using the computer is limited to opening files and printing these, but I do know how to spot good materials. I may not be capable of drawing a cute sun, but I know what to say and how to describe my definition of cute to the one who will do this for me.


Unforgettable Reunion

Printable Place CardsI cannot wait for my former classmates’ reunion to come. I’d like to see their faces once they see the elegant printable place cards already on the tables because I know they would not believe that I have anything to do with those, except of course, in finding the right provider and printing the outcome at home.