Place cards have been used for ages as a dependable way of figuring out who sites where at important events. But wait! There’s so much more that these little cards can do to make your event all the more special and memorable. A place card template that looks elegant can add a unique touch of class to your birthday party, fun-raising event or wedding. They allow your guests to feel special, while ensuring that any party crashers can be quickly identified!

You can now use the Internet to choose from a glorious collection of cards and find the ideal printable place cards template that can help your future guests avoid any confusion of where they are to sit. Imagine the beauty of allowing them to leave the event with a small souvenir that will always help them to remember your special occasion. Be sure that your next event never goes without them!

Our site has a wide selection of templates to help you get started with finding the perfect place card template for you. Some people also make use of embellished holders to make their place cards all the more attractive. These come in a variety of materials such as plastic or even gold and are often very decorative in nature, making them a superb way to present your event in the classiest way possible. Holders made of strong material can also be useful during outdoor events so that the wind doesn’t blow away your paper place cards.

View four of our free printable place card templates below.

simple place card template
Download simple & classy place card template
Watercolor place card template
Download yellow water color place card template
blue water color place card
Download blue water color place card template
Cardinal place card
Download cardinal place card template

The Benefits of An Online Printable Place Cards Template

With longer wait times in stationery shops, it is becoming less and less desirable to get your place card template designed and printed at such stores. The advent of the Internet has made a myriad of easy-to-print designs available, allowing you to print them quickly and swiftly from the comfort of your own home. Typically, all that is necessary is a basic printer and some standard paper. The output is also usually generated on a Word or PDF document, making the handling of this task all the more easier.

You can also opt for greater quality by choosing card stock over regular paper to print your place card template. These can easily be purchased at any stationery store or even ordered online. Just keep in mind that the use of card stock will also require a trimmer in order to get the cuts just right.

Best of all, our online printable place card templates are entirely FREE to download and can be easily customized so that your guests names are typed directly on the place cards before being printed out. This makes them a very affordable and a cost-effective solution for even the most exclusive event.


As you can see, a printable place cards template has a far greater function than only telling people where to sit. This is certainly important, as putting the wrong people at the wrong table can bring your event off to a rocky start. However, more importantly, quality place cards can help your guests to feel more welcome, appreciated, comfortable and recognized.