I am currently planning for my youngest child’s birthday and as of the moment, my hands are busy looking for free printable table place cards. I intend to do most decorations, not only to save money, but also to make everything more personal. And besides, who would know my daughter’s preference best but me? It is a good thing that she likes everything girly, and she still has not gotten over her fascination with castles, princesses and fairies. As many would have guessed, our theme is whimsical and magical, and my daughter is going to be the fairest princess of them all come the event.


Aiming To Attain A Great Event With The Help Of The Free Printable Table Place Cards

Like many moms would know, we love spending time in the littlest details in the events for our kids. While there are those who prefer to outsource all the tasks, due to lack of time, or they don’t really have the skills to create the materials that are needed for the occasion, there are also mothers like me who will stretch our imagination just to come up with the most creative props that we can use to make the even look more fun. In the past, I have already done invitations, banners and table centerpieces. I am challenging myself now by creating the personalized cake topper and the place cards, both of which, I will be doing for the first time.


Accepting The Challenge

Many people commend my editing skills when it comes to photos and these will come in very handy with all the tasks that I have now placed in my hands. With the cake topper, I only need a good photo of my kid. I plan to do a little standee to be placed at the top of her cake. There will also be a background, of course, which will be similar to theme, and I plan to use the same background for the cards. I want to create cutouts of castles and princesses, which I can use to design the cards.


Loving The Available Free Printable Table Place Cards

With so many to choose from, I am already getting confused as to which one to pick and use for my daughter’s birthday. Searching for my options make me want to tweak my planned design for this material. For kids’ birthdays, the most prevalent designs that can be downloaded include balloons, gifts, cakes, cute cupcakes and many more. You can also choose to get a blank one if you don’t want to get confused as to which one to use just like what is happening to me now. I have decided to download the blank one and several others with different designs. I may be asked to help at certain friends and family members’ events in the future where I can utilize these.


Finalizing My Designs

Printable Place CardsAfter I am done downloading the free printable table place cards, I’ll be faced with a more challenging task, which is to finalize everything and settle on the best design that I will use on the cards for my daughter’s birthday.